The Community Deliverers

We Introduce You Skidoo, Your New Favourite Delivery Site!!!

Looking for an affordable and secure delivery service? SKIDOO is your right choice.

We provide real-time, hassle free delivery & courier service that strives to boost your business, homegrown or e-commerce; or simply just to stay connected with your loved ones.

Delivery for Businesses & Moving Services

Businesses that requires mobility in delivering goods regardless of size , weight and volume, Skidoo should be your most cost affective catalyst to improve the business supply chain. Besides that, Skidoo offers an affordable moving solution for home and offices.

Personal Delivery

Surprise your loved ones with gifts or deliver an important parcel or office document to a client, Skidoo is here to deliver any personalized delivery with efficiency, care and utmost sincerity.

Food delivery

Satisfy your cravings by getting your favourite food from restaurants, Café or any eatery that you love delivered straight to your door step.

Comprehensive Food & Goods Delivery Services

Are you looking for an economical and reliable delivery service?


We provide real time, hassle free delivery and courier services to assist you in expanding your business, whether it’s homegrown or e-commerce, or simply staying in touch with your loved ones

Cheapest in Town

With the intention to revitalize the economy, rebuild businesses as well as allowing the community to save more for rainy days, Skidoo took the initiative to provide a premium level delivery service cheaper than all service providers in the current market.

Professional Deliverers

In order to make all delivery hassle free, Skidoo riders are trained experts in delivering delicate cakes, food, documents, fragile objects, parcels, equipment, furniture and goods of all sizes. Our goal is to make every delivery experience an enjoyable one for our client and their customers.

Website - Web Base

Fully Web Based

Delivery orders are made via our all-inclusive and user-friendly website, which you will be able to place orders with just a few clicks away. The website is also fully accessible via other mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Wide Selections of Vehicle

Customers are able to choose a wide range of suitable delivery vehicles such as Motorcycle, Car, Van,4 by 4 Pickup,1-ton lorry,3-ton lorry,5-ton lorry to match the delivery requirement as desired.

How to Book Skidoo Delivery?

End to End process flow on how effortless the booking can be done using Skidoo Web Portal.

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