Skidoo is a Malaysian based initiative that was established to make delivery more convenient and cost-effective using customer orientated approach providing premium customer service to all.


Our team understands the delivery business in the present is losing the

human interaction and customer centrality which is crucial especially when comes to

delivering hand-to-hand personalized gifts or an important corporate document.


Skidoo as ‘The Community Deliverers’ aims to build a network consist of individuals

and businesses connected by our very own expert riders from all over Klang Valley.


As a result, we will be able to create a concentric electronic commerce community

through our own on-demand delivery service platform that allows everyone to enjoy

premium service at an affordable rate.


Besides personal deliveries, Skidoo aims to encourage and uplift small & medium

enterprises and large businesses to participate or transit businesses into

e-commerce to commercialize the venture into the world with no boundaries.


Our digital platform enables customize order, select the preferred vehicle type based

on dimension & amp; volume, and Skidoo Deliverers who is ready to accept the order will

be promptly paired to the customer ensuring all deliveries are made through our

utmost sincerity.